Toaster 2 Sweater

The Toaster 2 by Sew House 7 is my first sew in the #SewMyStyle sewalong! I completed this sweater pretty quickly, it was not a difficult sew but I was glad there were a couple of new-to-me techniques included in this one. The directions were well-written, with clear drawings in the instructions. I decided to go with this pattern exactly as written, in a size Small. Meaning I didn't change anything, no mods, no hacks. I was concerned it would be too short for me (I'm large-busted and short-waisted; makes for a bad combo with anything cropped if you're not careful!), but I wanted to see how it would turn out as-is. I figured I could do it over if it turned out awful, but I actually feel


So it's 2017, and I'm endeavouring to do something I've meant to do for, oh, maybe 4 years now?! (I excel at procrastination). I am going to start using this space to share more of me, and the creating I do on a day to day basis. This will mostly be adventures in garment sewing, which seems to be what I enjoy doing most these days, but it also includes things for my kids, home decor, and a FEW handmade gifts (only for the VERY deserving - ha!!) In order to motivate me to properly document and share, and hopefully also create a routine for blogging, I decided this past November to join a year long sew-along. This particular sew-along is being hosted by BlueBird Fabrics in the UK, and incl

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