Virginia Leggings in Camo

Happy Spring! Or at least in Victoria - I hear Newfoundland is supposed to get pummelled with snow again this, yeah, welcome to Canada. I wear jeans all winter, especially when it's a little chilly. So my leggings don't really come out until spring, which made the timing for this month's #sewmystyle perfect! For Megan Nielsen's Virginia Leggings I made the Natural Waistline rise (ie: high waist), the Petite Inseam (ie: borderline-dwarf-height leg length), and a size Small. Another pattern where I didn't make any fit modifications, but I DID make the waist band narrower to hug the 1" elastic. Fabric used was a cotton/lycra so it has decent stretch but the recovery isn't all

Apricot Dolman Shirt for Girls

A few weeks ago I applied to be a test sewist for Sew Like My Mom's newest pattern, the Apricot Dolman, and I was accepted! It was my very first time being a tester, and I was super thrilled to be a part of the group. The pattern itself is easy to understand, and easy to sew, but the little details definitely make it look unique and professional. I did up the 24m/2T size for one of my best friend's daughter. I am so lucky that a) her daughter is ADORABLE, and b) she is an amazing photographer. I sent her the shirt, and between the three of them (I have it on good authority that Dad/Roger worked as a 3rd person behind the scenes with M&M's), they worked some crazy magic, and made my stuff

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