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Virginia Leggings in Camo

Happy Spring! Or at least in Victoria - I hear Newfoundland is supposed to get pummelled with snow again this weekend...so, yeah, welcome to Canada.

I wear jeans all winter, especially when it's a little chilly. So my leggings don't really come out until spring, which made the timing for this month's #sewmystyle perfect! For Megan Nielsen's Virginia Leggings I made the Natural Waistline rise (ie: high waist), the Petite Inseam (ie: borderline-dwarf-height leg length), and a size Small. Another pattern where I didn't make any fit modifications, but I DID make the waist band narrower to hug the 1" elastic. Fabric used was a cotton/lycra so it has decent stretch but the recovery isn't all that great.

The fit in the Virginia Leggings is a lot different from my self-drafted legging pattern I usually use. These feel more relaxed, and they're looser at the ankle. At first I almost sewed them tighter at the bottom, but when I tried them on, I kinda liked the look! So I kept them as-is. Overall I'm pleased! By the way - leggings are EASY to sew. If you don't sew, and you'd like to try it - I completely recommend leggings as one of your first projects. They're very gratifying!

Note: Both tops in these pictures are the Lane Raglan pattern by Hey June Handmade. My favourite pattern everrrrrrr!

Another month of #sewmystyle in the books. Unfortunately I never did get to sewing my Lonetree Jacket this month - life sorta happened - but I am still hoping to get to it soon! It has the potential to be an awesome spring/transition coat.

I'm already all geared up for next month's #sewmystyle - it's the Bridgetown Backless Dress/Tunic by Sew House 7, and I'm nervous and excited. Here's hoping it fits and it isn't horrible! Ha!

xo Mandy

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