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Briar Top for #sewmystyle

Hi! Long time, no chat! It's been a busy few weeks/months over here and while I haven't taken a break from sewing, I haven't had as much time to blog lately.

Without further excuses, here is my June #sewmystyle project, the Briar Top/Sweater, pattern by Megan Nielsen. This is a basic knit top pattern, with an ultra cute hemline, and a few different options to play with. Those options included doing either a bound, or a band neckline, a cropped hemline, and your choice of sleeve length.

I chose to make the 'long' version of the shirt, with short sleeves, the sweet rounded pocket, and a bound neck. After making my muslin, I ended up taking 1 inch off at the narrowest spot on both front and back, and I took an additional inch or so off at the back hem. While I LOVE this mullet hem, it was very long on me, particularly in the back (think nightgown!).

I REALLY like the shape and scoop of the neckline. It's wide enough to be pretty and flattering, but not so wide or long that it gapes and gives away all my secrets.

Here you can see the high-low hem in action! You can also see I got lazy and did nothing to correct the extra fabric at the back because of my swayback/tilted pelvis. I decided I didn't care enough. This fabric is some sort of mystery knit, I think it's a poly or a poly/cotton with a little lycra. It's nice and light though, and I love me the mint green stripes!

Below is the official muslin I did, and it was done in a rayon spandex which made it a bit drapier. Funny enough, although I chose this fabric because I had no idea what else to do with this crazy print other than muslins, I kind of like it with denim. I totally think it's wearable!

My future plans for this pattern include making it with a straight hem, as well as lengthening the front back to it's original length, and making sweaters. Overall this pattern was very well drafted, easy to follow and easy to sew. I'm SO glad that #sewmystyle pushed me to purchase this pattern, it's a great base to build so many pieces off of!

Feel free to chuckle at how fish-belly white my legs still are - ain't no photography good enough to hide that truth!

Until next month!

xo Mandy

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