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Kendrick Overalls

So, much to the surprise of some of my friends, I jumped on the overall bandwagon with this test sew. I haven't worn overalls since 1994. But THESE overalls are NOT my old Ikeda's (whose bib I used to turn into a purse in highschool...) - as usual Adrianna of Hey June rocked her own twist on the Kendrick Overalls Pattern, and it worked so beautifully.

The Kendrick Overalls come in two views - a pencil skirt bottom, and a cropped wide leg pant bottom. I actually muslined the pants just for kicks, to see what they'd look like and they were cute! I think though, for my shape and height, I'll be making them into shorts overalls next summer. So I ended up making the skirt instead!

Based on my hip and waist measurements, I printed off the size 4 and the size 8 so that I could blend the 8 at the waist, into a 4 at the hips. This worked out great for my shape, and I actually ended up taking it in a little bit more in the hips too. Adrianna has allowed for a 1" side seam allowance, which gives you tons of play in finding the right fit - something I also liked about the Lander Pants pattern (guess I should blog about those too some day!). I shortened the length of the hem by 1.5" to accommodate all 5feet of my height, and I also shortened the straps by a whopping 3" (hey there short torso). To shorten the straps I used the 'Lengthen/Shorten' line on the front strap and just redrafted the sides.

As always, the instructions are clear and concise, and walk you through every part of the construction for these overalls. Mine are made of a heavy weight, non-stretch denim (the fabric was $8 from the thrift store - score!) and definitely require the full zip fly to be functional in order to get it on and off! Haha! The REALLY neat thing about this pattern too, is that it looks amazing as JUST the skirt, or JUST the pants - with no straps. So it's kind of a 4 in one pattern!

I need to also talk about this photoshoot - these pictures were so graciously and patiently taken by my good friend Jane Richmond! We were in Vancouver with some other fabulous friends for Knit City, a really amazing fibre event that happens annually in Vancouver (if you're at all into knitting or crochet, and you can get to Knit City, GO!) - and I had asked Jane to snap some pics of my Kendricks (it's always nice to not use the tripod, right?!). She found this AWESOME painted alley downtown and we set up and shot in the rain. I've never done such a fun, exciting shoot, the pics were EXACTLY what I'd envisioned! Thank you Jane ❤️


Here's a few snaps of Knit City too - and the lovely Jane, letting me set up the camera and use her for my settings :)

Thanks for stopping by! If you'd like a copy of the Kendrick Overalls pattern, they're on a special release price right now - get them here (if you didn't already click on the million links I put above LOL): Kendrick Overalls Pattern

xo Mandy

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